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How to Create an Indoor-Outdoor Space the Whole Family Will Love

Indoor-Outdoor screened-in porch space

Summer is here, which means you’re probably spending more time at home.

Whether you’re entertaining out-of-town guests or just looking for a way to maximize your home’s space, creating an open and relaxing space that combines the interior of the house with the great outdoors is a great idea.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of an indoor-outdoor living area:

Create Defined Spaces

To get started, think about who will be using the space and how. Will it be an area to watch a baseball game in the afternoon? Is this where you’ll drink your morning coffee? Maybe you want an outdoor dining room for weeknight family dinners. Or will you need a multifunctional space?

Determining what the space is for will make it much easier to plan the layout and what features you’d like to include. You’ll also want to think of ways to bring the existing interior of your home outdoors to create a cohesive appearance. Some ideas are using similar flooring materials and color schemes in your decorations in your new outdoor living space.

Indoor-outdoor space includes patio that extends under deck to provide shaded area as well as full-sun area

Extend the Patio

If your outdoor space is right off your home, it may be a good idea to extend the patio so you can have more shaded, covered areas. Having the option to be out of the hot sun will make it more likely that you will use the space more often. 

If you can’t extend the patio, you could also build a large pergola that could be equipped with a heating and cooling system to allow for year-round use. Pergolas can be large enough to accommodate an outdoor kitchen or living room and will be a space the whole family can enjoy.

Expand Your Slider

To give your indoor-outdoor space the feel and appearance of a great room, you need to expand your slider. The regular door leading to the backyard or 6-foot sliding door many homes currently have will not cut it. 

Opening up the space to accommodate a 10-foot or larger glass sliding door will allow more natural light into your home. When the doors are open and there is an unobstructed view of the backyard, it looks stunning. Your guests will be amazed by the dramatic upgrade to your home.

Not Just the Backyard

Indoor-outdoor spaces don’t have to be limited to the backyard. An out-of-the box idea is to create a front yard entryway that is also a place to hang out. This will make use of an area that is often ignored, and it will open up conversations with your neighbors.

Your front yard space can include a fire pit, water feature, and a lounge area where you can read a book on a quiet afternoon or sip coffee on a weekday morning while your kids play out front.  Want to create an indoor-outdoor space in your home? We would love to help make this happen. Let’s discuss your vision and put together a plan to bring it to life!

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