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How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Patio with raised deck overlooking a beautiful yard and golf course

Spring is almost here, which means before you know it, you will be spending a lot more time outside.

But before the temperatures warm up, it’s good to focus on how to prepare your yard for spring and summer. Whether you need some minor touch-ups or a large transformation, here are some projects we recommend starting during early spring.

New stone patio leading to a slightly raised deck overlooking yard is a perfect way to prepare your yard for spring

Update Your Deck or Patio

Sitting outside in the warm sunshine is one of the best feelings in the world. But if your deck or patio isn’t living up to your expectations, now is the perfect time to upgrade what you have or create something new.

You have so many options to choose from when updating an outdoor seating area. Doing something as simple as installing a new, more modern deck railing can completely change the look of your outdoor space.

Another idea is to screen in or enclose your patio. Enclosing a patio and transforming the area into a three-season room will give your space more usability and increase your home’s value!

Don’t have a deck? Get one built, it’s the perfect time of year to do so. A wood or composite deck is the perfect addition to any backyard and will be the setting for many spring get-togethers.

Show Your Gutters Some Love

Hopefully, the worst of the winter storms are over, and we can look forward to warm sunny days. In the meantime, you need to check out your gutters.

Clogged or damaged gutters can lead to big problems with your home’s foundation since the gutters won’t drain properly. Your gutters probably just need a spring cleaning treatment, but if your gutters show signs of serious damage like rust, mold, and cracks, you’ll need to replace the gutters as soon as possible. 

Prepare your yard for spring by building a gardening shed for all your tools and equipment.

Get the Garden Ready

It’s almost planting season! If you’re a seasoned gardener, you’ve likely begun to prepare your yard for spring by amending the soil and ensuring your raised beds are in good shape. If you want to elevate your garden this year, why not consider adding a potting shed or a greenhouse to the mix?

Building a small potting shed near the garden is a great way to start seeds indoors without taking up space from your living areas.

Plus, you can store all of your gardening supplies inside, too. If you’d prefer a place to grow plants all year long, you should consider building a greenhouse. It doesn’t have to be huge, just a small structure with tons of natural light will do the trick.

Replace Siding

This one isn’t specifically a way to prepare your yard for spring; however, keeping the exterior of your home in good shape is important.

After a long winter full of freezing temperatures and plenty of snow, your siding may need some work or even need to be replaced. The new siding will give your home a fresh feel for the start of the spring season and protect your home from damage.

Over time, your siding can become damaged by moisture from rain and snow, or wind. Damaged siding won’t keep the moisture out of your home’s interior and could cause rot or mold. Even if your siding has survived another cold season, spring is an excellent time to freshen up your home’s curb appeal, and new siding is a great way to do so. What spring projects do you have on your to-do list? We are here to help! Give us a call so we can get started.

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