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Interested in a Cottage-Style Home? Here’s what you need to know

A clean and classic airy living room of a small cottage short term rental.

For many years, homeowners went to great lengths to make their homes look and feel larger. We were knocking down walls and creating open-concept spaces that could sometimes feel more industrial than residential.

Over the years, the open-concept home has started to feel impractical, and now homeowners want a cozier, more inviting home – like a cottage.

As we head into the new year, the cottage-style home will be high on the remodeling wish list for 2024. Let’s take a look at what the cottage-style home is and how you can achieve it.

What is cottage-style?

The cottage-style trend draws inspiration from traditional English cottages, which were small, somewhat simplistic homes with rustic elements. This style, which has become very popular on social media sites, calls on a warm color scheme and tons of sentimental details to create a calm and comfortable home. 

If you think you’d like to switch out your minimalist, open-concept home for something that feels more like home, here are some of the must-have elements of a cottage-style home:

Cottage-style kitchen with open shelves and lots of natural materials

Natural materials

One of the most essential elements of a cottage-style home is the use of natural materials. Hardwood flooring in the living areas is a great base to build off. You could also include stone in the kitchen and fireplace to add to the cottage aesthetic.

Brick is another natural material that can help create a cottage-style home. Of course, it can be used on the exterior to build a patio area in your garden, but it also works inside the house as well. We love to include bricks in the kitchen to create a warm, rustic-feeling space. 


Whether it’s in the kitchen or in the living room, open shelving is a must in a cottage-style home. These open shelves should display things like dishes, family heirlooms, and photos.

The items on display don’t have to match! One of the best characteristics of a cottage-style home is that it isn’t perfect – items can, and should be mismatched. What a nice change!

Small reading nook in the window of a cottage-style home

Cozy nooks

Creating a space where you can relax is an essential element in any style of home, but in a cottage-style home, it is a must. This space can be a quiet little corner that is functional while allowing you to escape for a few minutes.

One of the most popular types of nooks is the reading nook. You can choose a spot, preferably near a window, where you can curl up with a book and a blanket. Your bedroom is the perfect spot for a reading nook.

We could build a bench area that you could outfit with cushions and decorative pillows to give you a place to unwind while also adding a beautiful design element to your space.


One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of a cottage is the cute storybook windows. These windows have divided panes and sometimes shutters. Including these windows is something that will really define the style you are after and can’t be left out.

Is the cottage-style home something you’d like to come home to? We can make that happen! Give us a call so we can get your project in motion.

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