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Looking for Something Different? Try an Industrial-Style Kitchen

Industrial-style kitchen with metal countertop on island and vent hood, wooden cabinets and open shelves

If you’re looking for a way to transform an out-of-date kitchen into something modern, the industrial-style kitchen trend may be just what you are looking for!

The latest kitchen design trend takes advantage of the open-concept space you likely have and turns it into something exciting and functional. Are you interested in taking on this latest trend? Let’s look at some of the must-have elements of an industrial-style kitchen.

Appliances Take Center Stage

An easy focal point of the industrial kitchen is the appliances. Having a heavy-duty commercial range with an oversized hood that looks like it should be in a restaurant kitchen is an easy way to bring this trend to life. You should also include a large refrigerator – ideally, a hingeless French door refrigerator in either stainless steel or matte black.

Not only will your appliances look great, but you will also be amazed by commercial appliances’ increased efficiency and functionality. You’ll find yourself cooking more meals and will be impressed by the improved quality of your food.

Industrial-style kitchen renovation created by T.W. Ellis includes large kitchen island and industrial appliances

Open Spaces

Industrial spaces tend to be large, wide-open spaces where parts are manufactured or stored. That means you want the room to be open and displayed when creating an industrial-style kitchen. Instead of having upper cabinets, shelves can be used to store plates and glassware.

Instead of a pantry, you can have an open shelving area where your food items are stored in an orderly manner so they act as decoration. This will take some getting used to, but this open storage adds appeal to the design.

Balance Wood and Metal

Pairing wood and metal together are a must in an industrial-style kitchen. The two materials may not seem like an obvious match, but they look so good together and create a rustic yet industrial look.

A simple way to pair the two is by having wood cabinets with metal door pulls. You could also have wooden countertops with a copper backsplash.

Neutral Colors

When creating an industrial space, neutral colors are the way to go. This will be easy to do since wood and metal are the main components of the design. Your cabinets could be a muted gray that would work well with the stainless steel appliances and wooden countertops. You could also opt for concrete countertops with black cabinets to give the kitchen a sleek, modern look.

Woman select mode on cooking hood, standing near kitchen appliance in modern interior house with open shelves

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick may not sound like something you’d include in a kitchen design, but it should be. Having an entire brick wall somewhere in your industrial kitchen will give the space a splash of color and character. We like the idea of having a brick wall with wooden shelves where you’ll display your drinkware or coffee mugs. 

If you don’t want a brick wall, consider a brick floor. The brick flooring will add an unexpected element to your home and give the space a warmer feeling than tile or concrete flooring.

Do you want to transform your out-of-date kitchen into an industrial-style kitchen? We are here to help! Give us a call.

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