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Make Your Backyard the Envy of the Neighborhood

Is your backyard or patio space a little dull? We can help you transform the area from drab to a true outdoor living space that all of your neighbors will envy.

You’ll find yourself spending more time outside than in your home. Here are a few ideas on how to turn your dull backyard to an outdoor entertaining destination.

Add an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces have a become very popular addition for many of our clients in recent years. Not only do they look more refined than a store-bought fire pit, but they also can extend your enjoyment of your backyard well into the cooler months.

Outdoor fireplaces can be designed to replicate the look of an indoor fireplace, complete with hearth, mantle, and chimney made of stone or brick. They can also incorporate firewood storage and a grill/smoker.

Best of all, they’ll let you enjoy cozy evenings on your patio, roasting marshmallows and sharing stories, even as the air turns crisp and the leaves start to fall.

Outdoor fireplace and seating

Incorporate Lighting to Illuminate and Accent

Your patio should have lighting that is both useful and eye-catching.

Twinkle lights in trees or hung above the patio can create an enchanting atmosphere in your outdoor space. If you prefer more functional options, you can install solar garden lights or wall sconces in your area.

Suppose you do decide to install an outdoor kitchen. In that case, we can easily incorporate lighting into that design so you can see what you’re cooking and also create an inviting atmosphere.

Use Different Levels to Designate Areas

Having multiple seating areas for different activities is a great way to maximize space and create a warm and inviting environment for your outdoor entertaining.

If you have the space to do so, we love creating multilevel spaces to allow for multiple seating areas. You could have a lower-level outdoor lounge with couches to relax on. Or we could build a raised deck with a dining table for memorable outdoor dinners with family and friends. 

Multi-Level Deck with Swimming Pool

Include Decorative Amenities

Want to really take your patio to the next level? Install a fire or a water feature.

Having a fountain or waterfall will instantly turn your patio into an outdoor destination. The sounds of the running water will provide peaceful background noise while you are reading a book or enjoying your morning coffee. A fire pit or fireplace is another option to create ambiance and create an area for social gatherings. 

Adding plants to your patio is another way to add interesting visual features and is also good for your mood. Potted plants that are local to your area should be easy to maintain and can even detract certain bugs from your patio.

Best of all, these options don’t have to be horribly expensive. We can find amenities that will wow you and your friends at any budget.

Let’s Get Started If you’re ready to explore your options, we are ready to help. We work with spaces large and small and create an outdoor space you will fall in love with. Let’s get together to brainstorm.

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