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Make Your Entertainment Room the Place to Be!

Was your Super Bowl party a bust? Chances are, you nailed the snacks and drinks – it’s your in-home entertainment room that let everyone down.

The good news is you have an entire year to put a plan together on how to redeem yourself. If you’re looking for ideas on creating an in-home entertainment space perfect for hosting Super Bowl parties or any other get-together, we have some ideas for you!

Determine The Space

Is your entertainment room too small? Look around your home to see if there is space you can transform into an entertainment room. Some obvious choices are a basement or den. Still, you could also reconfigure a dining room or outdoor patio into an entertainment space designed specifically for you and your friends to get together to watch a game.

Viewing Area

The star of your entertainment room is the TV and the space you watch it. A close second is the surround sound system you need to include to make it feel like you are at a sports bar. It’s also a good idea to have dimmable lighting so that you aren’t watching the game in a bright room but aren’t completely in the dark either.

Suppose you anticipate having people in your home who won’t be joining in the festivities and will be hanging out in other areas. In that case, you could soundproof the entertainment room by adding a layer of acoustic foam insulation between the base wall and the drywall so they won’t be disrupted.

There are a few ways you can arrange seating. You can set up an actual bar with a counter and bar stools facing a large television. Or you could mount your tv to the wall and have a big, comfy sectional or reclining chairs for everyone to sit on. Of course, it would be best if you had some standing room available for the nervous fan who can’t sit still during the game, so leaving space open behind the seating area is a good idea.

Space for the “Just Here for The Commercials” Friends

Did your chatty friends who were just there for the commercials and the snacks irritate those who were biting their nails during the last few minutes of the game? Including an additional space for them to gather will allow them to be part of the fun without getting in the way.

Some ideas are to set up an area with a pool table or other games people can play if they don’t want to watch the game. You could also set up tall pub-style tables where they can mingle and graze.

You Can’t Have a Party Without Snacks

Did you miss ­­­­­Toney’s 65-yard punt return, the longest in Super Bowl history, because you had to run upstairs to refill your drink? You can avoid this by having everything you need in your at-home sports bar.

Including a small kitchenette complete with a stocked refrigerator, microwave oven, and a hot plate will allow you to spend more time where the action is. When snacks run low, you can easily throw some more in the microwave. This space can be configured behind the bar or in the corner of the room.

Personalize It

To make your entertainment room feel like home, decorate it with items that feel meaningful to you. Maybe that means including memorabilia from your favorite team. You could frame jerseys, newspaper articles, and pictures of memorable moments from big games or events. You could include some pictures of you and your game day crew!

If you need help creating an entertainment room that will wow your friends during football season as well as the rest of the year? Give us a call!

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