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T.W. Ellis Supports Career Paths in the Skilled Trades

We are Generation T is working to reinvigorate an interest in the skilled trades. According to Forbes the United States is facing a shortage of workers to fill a growing number of positions in the skilled trades. Due to a cultural emphasis on attending four-year universities, and a lingering, unjustified, stigma associated with jobs that do not require a four-year degree, fewer young people have gone into the skilled trades during the past decade (since The Great Recession).

Generation T Movement

This is Generation T, the movement to rebuild skilled trades. The movement starts now. Are you in? http://bit.ly/2OLqZS8

Posted by Generation T on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Path of Prosperity and Growth

With our country’s infrastructure in need of serious repair, new energy technologies, housing shortages, and aging homes in need of renovations, there is no shortage of building, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or other skilled trade employment opportunities. The income potential is far greater than many high school graduates, or their parents, realize. In fact, according to this infographic from We are Generation T, a starting salary in the trades is $10,000 more for the first year out of trade school versus college—without the high level of student loans—and in half the time.

Our Pledge

T.W. Ellis took the pledge with We are Generation T, declaring our commitment with them to:

  • Change the perception of the trades, within our organization and out
  • Dedicate efforts to future students and recent graduates of the trades
  • Commit to educating and hiring a diverse and inclusive skilled trades workforce

Many ambitious young people, from a variety of backgrounds, are now going into the skilled trades. They are passionate, tech-savvy, and have a clear trajectory mapped for their careers. These positions are ideal for people with a strong kinesthetic sense, who enjoy working with their hands and have little desire for a desk job.

We are Generation T has training and employment opportunities posted on their website as a part of their goal to inspire, encourage, and support community members to learn the skilled trades. Positions in the skilled trades often require a level of artistry. Creativity comes with the territory and brings fulfillment. Job satisfaction and a sense of empowerment come from completing projects. Standing back and seeing something you have built is deeply satisfying to our team here at T.W. Ellis.

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