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That bathroom spa feeling at home

All this month, we’ve been sharing some of the best ways to improve your bathroom, from choosing a new vanity to upgrading with universal design elements.

For our final September blog, we’re taking a look at how you can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. There are many ways to upgrade your bathroom for that spa feeling at home, but these are some of the most popular changes we’re seeing homeowners make to transform their bathrooms.

Custom shower

One of the best ways to make a major change in the bathroom is with a new shower, and there are plenty of options out there. Integrating features like curbless showers, body sprays, a shower bench or a programmable thermostat can take your shower to the next level. We looked at custom showers earlier this month.

Luxury tub

A separate tub can give you space to relax and recharge after a long day. That can be a simple soaking tub or you can go full luxury with jets, color-coded lights and integrated sound systems. Through wall-mounted controls, smart phone apps or home assistants, you can create a truly customized bath experience.

Luxury toilet

Toilets can be much more than a utilitarian feature. A heated toilet seat can add a level of comfort on a cold winter day. Bidets, with their water jets and drying features, can help keep you clean. They’ve been popular in other countries for years, and are finally gaining more market share in the United States. Toilets with air purifiers and deodorizers add another measure of luxury.

Today’s smart toilets offer automatic toilet seats, automated flushing, programmable seat warming and other features. Integrated night lights can make that late night trip to the bathroom less hazardous.

Water closet

If you share a bathroom with your significant other, a water closet can be a lifesaver for your relationship. It’s essentially a separate room within a bathroom, sometimes fully separated by a door, sometimes just by a wall or half-wall. It offers an increased measure of privacy while multiple people are using the bathroom.

Radiant heat flooring and towel warmers

Add some heat to your bathroom! Tired of stepping on to a cold tile floor in the morning? In-floor radiant heating using either electric or hot water can provide a new level of comfort in your bathroom. Radiant heating is also more efficient than forced-air heat.

A towel warming drawer or cabinet, or heated towel racks, can also take the chill off by keeping your towels nice and warm for when you get out of that long soak or shower.

Natural light

If the placement of your house allows it, large windows that let in plenty of natural light can help save energy and give you the light you need. Another option is skylights or solar tubes that will let the light in through the ceiling. Integrated, adjustable LED fixtures around the mirrors and vanities will make sure you have plenty of light.

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