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Timeless Materials to Include in Your Renovation

Open concept living room with fireplace and high ceilings

If you’re preparing for a home renovation, you’ve probably taken to sites like Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. While the images you see may be beautiful, there’s a good chance they will be considered “dated” a year from now.

It is a good idea to include some timeless textures that can adapt to future design trends since doing a complete renovation whenever trends change is unrealistic and highly wasteful.

Let’s take a closer look at some timeless options for your home.

What Makes Something Timeless?

We like to think of timeless materials as being a base for the rest of the home or living space to build upon. These materials are simple, subtle, often understated, and don’t reflect a particular trend.

Consider Your Style

Determining the style of the space you are renovating will play a significant role in the materials you use. For example, the materials and colors you would choose to renovate a midcentury modern bungalow are different than those used to remodel a Spanish-style casita.

However, as a rule, some home design elements stand up to the test of time better than others. Let’s explore those options:

Timeless Materials:

Bathroom remodel includes timeless materials in the design like subway tiles

Subway Tile

While it may seem like they’ve only become popular in the last decade thanks to shows like “Fixer Upper,” subway tiles have been around since 1904! Look at homes built in the 1960s that haven’t been renovated – you’ll find subway tiles. They are simple and clean, which makes them the perfect addition to a kitchen or bathroom.

Wood Flooring

Wood floors, especially in the living room or home office, always have and always will make a space feel warm and inviting. Homeowners love hardwood floors because they are easy to maintain, have a low risk of allergens, and are easy to design around. 

The way you lay the wood floors is also important to consider. Laying the floors in a random, staggered pattern will be your best bet if you’re going for a timeless look. Laying them in herringbone patterns has become popular but will likely become a dated look sooner than later.


Whether you use it for kitchen countertops, around your fireplace, or as bathroom tiles, marble is a timeless material that will bring elegance to your home. And talk about longevity – marble has been included in home design for centuries!

Close-up on shaker-style kitchen cabinets has a timeless look and feel

Shaker Cabinets

Kitchen trends are constantly changing; unfortunately, it is one of the most challenging areas to remodel. However, a cabinet that can adapt to changing trends is the shaker cabinet. These cabinets have flat panels and are clean and simple, making them an excellent base for your kitchen.

Shaker cabinets became popular in the 1800s and are known to be very well-made. They are easy to design around and work well with many design styles.  

The Most Important Thing

Remember, this is your home, and you want a space you love. If you don’t like hardwood floors, don’t get them. If you can’t stand the look of subway tiles and want something else, that’s ok! There are many other timeless materials we haven’t covered but they are also not required to create the home of your dreams.

The most important thing to consider is whether or not the materials you choose are easily adaptable to other styles. If you have more questions, we are here to help. Reach out to us to discuss your next home renovation project.

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