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Tips to Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

As the weather warms up and the sun remains in the sky a little longer, we tend to crave being outdoors instead of bundling up inside. It doesn’t matter whether your ideal outdoor space is the front porch or the back patio, the idea of having a pleasant spot to enjoy nature makes all the difference.

The opportunities for creating the perfect space are endless with options on different furniture, accessories, plants, lighting, sounds, textures, and more. The front porch is often where your guests will form their first impression of your home, so it’s up to you on what insights you want to give them about you and your family. Whether you want to have a classy and pristine feel, a colorful eccentric vibe, or the trusted rustic sentiment, your porch will be the welcome mat of your home.

Inviting Furniture

A space is as cozy and inviting as you make it, whether that is an indoor room or an outdoor area. So when placing your outdoor furniture, take a moment to think where and what you would like to have access to as you sit outside. When hosting, you’ll want to have the ease of getting up and moving around without bothering your guests, but also joining in and enjoying conversations when you sit back down. You may want a large outdoor sofa with a few chairs and benches, or you may go for the assortment of matching chairs and accent tables. If the space is big enough, you could split the space into an entertaining and grilling/eating area!

Outdoor Living furniture


This is where your true style can come out to play: colorful throw pillows on the furniture, a textured rug for bare feet, decorative bowls or coasters for the tables. A themed space might call for a few knick-knacks or ornate centerpieces that can be placed in strategic locations to catch the eye. But accessories don’t have to pertain to just looks, they can be both functional and practical as well! Potential options for keeping the space available through every season might mean investing in a movable fire-pit or hidden space heaters for winter, with well placed fans and cooling units for the summer months. If you live on a noisy street or have neighbors who get a little rowdy, you may want a burbling fountain, or discreet speakers to play music.


Potted plants (or fake plants for those with a black thumb!) are perfect accent pieces to round out a space. They can give you the feel of nature without sitting in the middle of a forest, and your friends with allergies will thank you for not making them spend time in the grass. Potted bamboo or a trellis with climbing vines can add both depth and privacy, allowing for a more natural looking wind or noise blocker around your space. Spring blooms will add color to your space during the day and give you that added pop when the sun goes down, leaving your space always nice and cozy. 

Plants used on deck


Everyone loves a good “natural lighting” glow, but when the sun goes down you want to have options on visibility. That’s where your lighting comes in. From café string lights across the space, candles interwoven throughout the area, burning torches around the perimeter, or subtle recessed lighting, the options to be creative are endless. Adding multiple styles of lighting to your outside living space can add character and accommodate a variety of mood settings within the same layout. 

Creative outdoor lighting used on roof-top deck

Whatever your situation may be, it’s time to shake off those winter blues and get out of the house. If you don’t have a good spot to enjoy your surroundings, contact T.W. Ellis and let us create the perfect outdoor space for you.

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