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Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

Modern kitchen in various shades of green

Kitchens have always been the heart of the home, but recent trends have left them feeling a little bare. Minimalistic style kitchens with white cabinets and light granite countertops have been popular for years, but the trends are shifting.

We are excited to see that kitchens are getting some personality in the new year, here are some of the top trends to look out for.

Go Green

Green is in! No, we aren’t talking about eco-friendly kitchens, although it’s always a good idea to include sustainable options when remodeling your home – in this case, we’re talking about the color. Green is everywhere, from the cabinets to the countertops to the paint on the walls!

Green used to be a popular accent color, but in 2024 it is the star of the show.

As you start looking around, you’ll find that there are so many shades of green and they each give the space a different feel. Olive green cabinetry paired with marble counters and gold door pulls will make the kitchen feel glamorous. You could also go for a more Earthy vibe and include dark green cabinets with butcher block countertops.

Beverage station separate from the kitchen are one of the more popular design trends comng back

Return of the Beverage Station

The latest kitchen must-have is the beverage station. This functional space provides the kitchen with additional storage as well as a decorative element that is dedicated to your drink of choice. It is an excellent space for those who like to entertain since it is an easy-to-access area where you can prepare and serve drinks.

Most beverage stations have open shelves to display coffee mugs, beer steins, or wine glasses. You may also want to include a small wine or beer fridge and a storage cabinet. This space will probably have the same cabinetry and backsplash as the rest of your kitchen, but you can make it completely different if you’d like.

Stainless Steel is Holding Strong

As far as appliances are concerned, stainless steel is still the most popular option. Stainless steel appliances became popular in the early 2000s because they gave the kitchen an ultra-modern, almost futuristic look.

While there was a short period when all white or black appliances started to chip away at stainless steel’s popularity, they weren’t successful. Stainless steel is incredibly versatile and can work with just about any style, which is likely why it has become a staple among design trends.

The latest design trends see kitchen islands getting larger and more functional

Functional Islands

Kitchen islands aren’t a new concept, and they are more popular than ever. Islands are getting larger with more storage, wrap-around seating, electrical outlets, and meal prep space. For many, the kitchen island has replaced the breakfast nook or dine-in kitchen area. For that reason, the island needs to be larger and more functional.

Design-wise, kitchen islands are the focal point of the kitchen and as such, it does not need to match the rest of the kitchen. You could include a unique slab of stone that would look overwhelming if it was used throughout the kitchen. The island itself could also be a contrasting color from the rest of your cabinets to make it its own defined space. We are excited to introduce these new trends into our 2024 renovations! Give us a call so we can discuss which you would like.

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