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Want to create a Reading Room in your home?

Home library and reading room with floor-to-ceiling bookcases and a large window for natural light Library by T.W. Ellis

If your idea of some “me-time” is getting lost in a good book, you’ll love the latest home trend – the reading room. We are seeing more homeowners transform extra spaces in their homes into a space specifically for curling up with a good book.

If this sounds like something you would love to have in your home, read on to see what elements you should include.

Plenty of Lighting

Even if you prefer to read on your phone or tablet, you need to have sufficient lighting so you can see without causing damage to your eyesight. If you’re a daytime reader, natural light is your best friend. A large picture window is the best way to bring light into the space. You can easily situate your reading chair close to the window to optimize the light while you’re reading.

If you’re a nighttime reader, you will want to include overhead lighting plus a couple of lamps. Overhead lighting options include canned lights or a chandelier that reflects your style.

Get Creative with Seating

It’s a good idea to consider how this space will be used. If it is solely for reading, you’ll want to include a comfy chair or sofa. If you are using this space as a study or home office, you’ll want a desk or table with adequate lighting where you can complete your projects. 

A fun idea to consider if you’re transforming a small space with a window into a reading space is to take advantage of that window and create a window nook. This comfy space should be large enough for you to sit comfortably but not so large that it takes away from the room’s square footage. Add some large, soft pillows and a warm throw blanket to make this the coziest space in your home.

The Star of the Show: Your Books

Displaying your book collection with floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves will define your space and be the main focal point. We like to find the most prominent wall space to use as the bookshelves, but if that still isn’t enough, you can wrap the built-ins around them so they take up two walls. Talk about making a statement!


Including a fireplace, either gas or wood burning, in your reading room will be the perfect finishing touch. There’s just something about the flickering lights and crackling sounds of a fireplace that creates the coziest, most relaxing environment. 

Usually, the fireplace acts as a focal point of a space, but since this is a reading room, you probably want your built-in bookshelves to be the main feature. That means your fireplace should be on a wall opposite or adjacent to your built-in bookshelves close to your seating area. 

Would you like help creating a reading room in your home? Large or small, we will find a way to create a reading space in your home that will make reading that best seller even more enjoyable. Let’s get to work!

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