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What Makes An Awesome Shower?

Whether it’s where you start your day or end it, your shower should be a place that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. If yours is old, outdated, difficult to clean, or you’re just not impressed with your shower, we have some tips on designing an awesome shower, worthy of your dreams.

Make it Big and Spacious

If you’ve never taken a hot shower in a spacious shower, you are missing out. Even if your bathroom seems small, we can find space to install a spacious shower. 

If you have a shower-tub combination, removing the tub will clear up a significant amount of space to devote to your new shower. We can also extend the shower into unused parts of your bathroom.  

Make it Pretty

There are millions of tile combinations you can choose from when designing your awesome shower. For the walls, you could go for a high-end look with polished marble. Another popular option is having an eclectic theme with colorful mosaic tiles. Or, you could go with a traditional look with white subway tile.

You’ll also need to choose flooring for your shower. Some popular options in the past have been rocks or porcelain mosaics. Each of these options is great because they look stunning but also help provide traction and prevent slips.  

Whatever type of tile and style you choose for your shower, think of what it will be like to clean up. Tile with rougher textures can be more interesting but will be more challenging to clean, while large, smooth surfaces will mean less scrubbing. 

Make it Functional

Not only should your shower look good, but it should also be practical as well. Fortunately, the practical design does not mean a sacrifice in style. Here are some things to add to your dream shower to maximize functionality:

  • Nooks. We can install stylish nooks to hold your soaps and shampoos. The nooks can stand out with an accent tile or blend into the rest of the shower. 
  • Seat or step. A seat will be helpful for shaving or just for someone who prefers to sit down while they lather up. 
  • Zero-threshold entrance. Instead of having a curb to step over, a zero threshold shower offers more accessibility. Not only do they prevent slipping and falling, but they also look sleek.  
  • Multiple showerheads. Having a showerhead on each wall and one overhead rainfall showerhead will give your shower an upscale look. Having multiple shower heads is also good for people with limited mobility since it limits the amount they need to turn. The different showerheads can have different settings so one can massage while another gets you clean.
colorful bathroom with tub and shower

Make it Fun!

Since you’re designing your dream shower, why not include something a little less practical? High-tech shower systems are a great splurge if you’re willing to spend the money to have the truly ultimate dream shower. You can get a shower with a control panel that connects to your phone, so you can listen to music or podcasts through specially designed speakers and lighting installed in your shower. Or you could also invest in a voice-activated shower, allowing you to command your shower to heat up, cool down, or change water pressure. You can also control the shower through the use of an app so you can heat up the shower while you’re still lying in bed.  

If you’d like to make your dream a reality, we are here to get the job done. Give us a call so we can start designing the awesome shower you’ve always wanted. 

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