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Why Choose a Certified Green Professional Builder?

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When looking for the right contractor for you, we recommend a Master Certified Green Professional. What does that mean? How does this benefit you? The following information will help you find the perfect contractor to build your sustainable home.

What Is a Master Certified Green Professional?

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When seeking a dependable and knowledgeable green builder, looking for certification is your first step. You will see different titles but the one you want is a Master Certified Green Professional  (Master CGP). This is a builder who has learned best practices for designing and building the sustainable home. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) provides this education. After completion of the curriculum, builders become certified.

What Do Master CGPs Learn?

NAHB has a curriculum that studies the science of sustainable home building. Contractors receive hands-on training and must possess strong experience in the field. The curriculum coordinates with the National Green Building Standard. The focus is on conserving water, energy, and other resources, and also site building. Master CGPs also learn about interior environments and homeownership. Since green building guidelines frequently change, licensees engage in continuing education, which allows them to maintain certification.

You Need Peace of Mind

Building or remodeling a home can be a stressful process for the homeowner. A certified green builder can help you understand the process of building or remodeling sustainably and provide excellent craftsmanship throughout the project. You won’t get the same treatment from an unlicensed builder. The certification lets you know you are working with an educated builder.

It Will Save You Money to Build

A Master CGP uses techniques and materials without the homeowner incurring excessive costs. There are many stories of homeowners who chose an unlicensed builder and then wound up over budget. You will hear horror stories of how they had shoddy work done and had to pay even more to have it fixed. They may have hired a contractor who only used the most expensive resources or ignored greener options. A certified green professional is up front about costs and possible delays and does reliable work.

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You Will Have a Good ROI

Your return on investment (ROI) will prove you made the right choice; a certified professional will make the correct decisions that save your wallet later. Here are four ways you will know that you made the right choice within the first year after your project is completed:

•           Your energy and water costs will decrease

•           State and federal tax deductions are available

•           Resale value of home will be higher than older homes

•           Proper maintenance will lower repair bills

As you can see, investing in a Master CGP is a benefit. Understanding what they do to maintain their certifications gives you more confidence in your contractor. The benefits you will receive outweigh using an unlicensed contractor who lowballs cost. It’s a smart move to work with a licensed green builder.

T.W. Ellis has expertise in green building practices. We are a certified and accredited green builder/remodeler, certified by some of the leading organizations in the country, like the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). To learn more about green building and see some of our sustainable kitchens, look here. Contact us today to get started on your sustainable remodeling or building project.

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