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Why Having Lots of Kitchen Windows is Outstanding

Beautiful kitchen room with green island and farmhouse sink.

The only thing better than the morning light shining through the kitchen windows while you’re sipping your morning coffee is the glow of the sunset while you’re cooking dinner for the family.

But did you know there are plenty of other benefits of increasing the amount of natural light in the home? That’s why prioritizing windows in your kitchen remodel is a must-do. 

Are you wondering how to get more natural light in the kitchen? Keep reading!

Benefits of Natural Light in the Kitchen

Natural light in the home has dozens of benefits that go beyond making a space look nice. First, you’ll notice an increase in your overall mood and productivity since the sunlight will help your brain produce serotonin.

That’s not all. Natural light in the home has been proven to reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, and decrease anxiety – especially if you get that sun exposure first thing in the morning.

Overall, more windows in your kitchen lead to more natural light, which leads to improved health. Now, let’s figure out how to include more windows in your kitchen design.

Full wall of kitchen wiindows over sink brings in tons of natural light

Make Windows the Focal Point

Instead of your kitchen windows being an afterthought, plan the rest of your kitchen remodel around where you want to place windows – and don’t be afraid to make the windows dramatic!

A couple of ideas for big, dramatic windows in the kitchen are to remove the upper cabinets and install large windows instead. You can do this over your sink or your stove, or both! Imagine how luxurious a wrap-around window would look! You could also add stacked windows so you essentially have floor-to-ceiling windows in some spots of the kitchen. 

Forget the Backsplash

For a unique solution, why not install windows in the space where a backsplash would typically go? This is an excellent solution for homeowners who cannot sacrifice the upper cabinets but still want all the benefits of having more natural light in the home. These small windows will make the kitchen brighter and allow you to see more of the great outdoors.

Kitchen window with herbs growing

Get Retro

Do you want more natural light in the home and more plants too? Install a garden window over your sink. Garden windows used to be the standard in kitchens, but they went out of style for some reason. We say, bring them back.

Garden windows tend to be larger than the standard over-sink window and are a great place to grow herbs that will be a welcomed addition to your meals. 

Make the Most of Your Light

Now that you have a good idea of where to install kitchen windows let’s look at a couple of other tips on how to get more natural light in the kitchen you should consider.

First, make an effort to include reflective surfaces in your design. This could include glass tiles for a backsplash and light-colored, high-gloss floors. 

The paint you choose in the kitchen should also be light and glossy since darker colors will absorb more natural light in the home and make the space feel gloomy.

Ready to get started on your kitchen remodel? We are here to help you. Let’s connect to discuss the details of your project.

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