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Winter Outdoor Remodeling Projects in Harford County

Many people have the misconception that remodeling and construction work stops during the winter months. Nothing could be further from the truth! Just because Old Man Winter has arrived does not mean that outside construction work cannot continue. If you are contemplating a remodeling project that may involve outside work, such as an addition, don’t let the colder weather keep you from consulting with T.W. Ellis about your project. Believe it or not, the winter months can be an attractive time to pursue your remodeling project.
Remodeling during the months of January through March can be a great way to beat the winter blahs and generate excitement around your home. Actually, a great deal of attention can be focused on your job in the winter to provide you with a beautiful finished project ready to enjoy when warm weather arrives in the spring!


Of course, concrete and masonry work must be performed on days when the temperature is above freezing, but surprisingly enough, around Forest Hill the climate is actually reasonably mild, and most days are above freezing, even in winter. Generally, weather is not a significant factor in planning a remodeling job in Harford County. Even on an exterior project such as an addition, most of the work is protected from the elements. T.W. Ellis’ knowledgeable and considerate team will carefully and efficiently produce your job, in spite of the weather. Common sense, cooperation, and a competent contractor, as always, will ensure a pleasant experience in any season of the year.
Another reason to consider remodeling at this time of the year is that most major projects will take some time to plan and to get into our production schedule. Even though it is the dead of winter now, spring is only a few short weeks away. Now is the time for design and planning, if your project is sizable and you want to build in the spring. The permit process can take some time and should be started now.
Naturally, indoor remodeling can still take place anytime! So don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment to consult with a member of T.W. Ellis’ professional team about your project simply because the weather is cold!
Below is the after photo of an outdoor living project we completed in winter. Our clients are ready to enjoy their new deck and screened porch when the weather warms up!

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