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Wood: It’s for more than just flooring

Wood ceiling with large wooden beams in living area of home

Are you looking for a durable, renewable, and versatile home material that looks amazing in any home – look no further than wood!

Wood, especially warmed-toned varieties, is at the top of everybody’s home remodel wish list. Here are some spaces you could incorporate this trend in your home:


We all know that hardwood floors are a timeless staple in home design, but including wood on the ceiling is something we are seeing more of. Wood on the ceiling isn’t exactly a new concept; large wood beams have been popular in both farmhouse and Mediterranean-style homes for decades.

Now, more wood configurations are being used to make the ceiling look more like a focal point than an afterthought.

There are quite a few ways to add wood to your ceiling to make your space feel warmer and complete any design style. For example, you could add gray planks to complete a coastal living room or natural wood planks in a contemporary living room. 

Wood on ceiling, accent wall, and floor of this luxury bathroom


There are so many ways to incorporate wood into your bathroom remodel. An obvious choice would be to install a wooden vanity that might not stand out from the rest of your design but still give the space a warm, earthy feel.

You could install a wooden bathtub if you want to do something a little out of the ordinary. Cedar soaking tubs called Ofuros are used in Japan, but their popularity has yet to catch on here. These tubs have many health benefits and will be the perfect way to end a stressful day.

If you are looking for something more subtle, you could have your bathroom mirrors framed with a beautiful piece of walnut or maple. The framed mirror will allow you to participate in the wood trend while also adding an attractive finishing touch to your bathroom.

Wainscoting around a vintage style wooden interior door with inset panels


Doors used to just be a functional necessity in a home, but now they want some attention too! Switching out your old, plain bedroom doors and installing beautiful paneled wooden doors will add color and texture to your home.

In addition to upgrading your bedroom doors to paneled wooden doors, you could include a wooden hand-carved sliding door for a dramatic division between your primary bedroom and bathroom.

Another place worthy of a showstopping door is your home office. A wooden double door will give you the grand entry you need to make the room feel separate from the rest of your home and get you into work mode. Still on the fence? Not only will adding wood to your home design make your space look warmer and more luxurious, but it also has stress-reducing effects that can make you feel calmer, reduce anxiety, and lower blood pressure If we’ve convinced you that you need to add some warm wood tones to your home, give us a call!

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