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2024 Color of the Year Choices & Ways To Use Them in Your Home

Modern kitchen in a muted yellow wich is a 2024 color of the year choice

It’s that time of year again – time for the major paint companies to announce their choices for color of the year! These colors are chosen based on what’s currently popular as well as forecasted trends for the upcoming year.

Many of the major paint companies have already announced their color of the year for 2024, and we are excited to incorporate them into home renovation projects. Here are some of the choices so far:

Muted Yellows Are A Favorite Color of the Year

We are excited to see a warm, muted yellow tone as one of the color-of-the-year choices. Warm tones have been growing in popularity in recent years, moving away from the cool shades of gray and green that have been dominating home design trends. This is a versatile shade that can be used just about anywhere in the home.

Using a warm shade of yellow on the kitchen cabinets will make the space look cozy yet modern. We would pair it with a bright white tiled backsplash and wood countertops. Limitless would also look great in the dining room. You could use it on wainscotting on the bottom half of the wall and pair it with a complimentary wallpaper to create a cozy, vintage space.

Soft Shades of Black

Another choice for color of the year is a soft charcoal-like black that is versatile and moody and will add a wow factor to any space in your home. Since a shade so dark and bold is such a show-stopper of a color, we recommend using it in an area that is already the focal point of a room.

Using a soft shade of black as the primary color of your fireplace surround will create an elegant look in your living room. In your office or den, consider adding built-ins and having them painted black to make the space look more sophisticated.

Modern batroom with pale blue vanity representing a 2024 color of the year choice

Pale Blues

Pale, peaceful shades of blue are also on the list of colors of the year. Pale blues, inspired by fog, mist, and clouds will make your space feel serene and soft and will transform your home into a soothing spot where you can relax after a long day.

We love using blue in the bathroom, so using blue on the vanity with bright white tiles will create a beachy vibe. The coastal aesthetic is more popular than ever, which could be why pale shades of blue have been included on this list. 

Peaceful blues are also being dubbed the “new neutral.” This is an exciting development as designers have been moving away from the grays and tans that have been the standard in homes for years. Replacing your gray walls with this tranquil shade of blue will give the space more character and make it feel more inviting.

Which color of the year is your favorite? We’d love to hear how you plan to incorporate it into your home remodel!

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