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Bathroom Design: What’s in for 2023?

Bathroom design for 2023 includes pastel color walls and unique tile work

2023 is knocking on the door, and it is bringing some new trends with it. Overall, we will continue shifting away from the modern, minimalist movement and venture into more colorful patterns and textures.

Home design in 2023 will be all about creating spaces with personality, and the bathroom is a fun space to showcase that. Here are some of the top bathroom trends for 2023.

Bathroom design with pastel blue walls, a furniture-style vanity, and modern shower with all glass surround.


Pastels are slowly starting to sneak back into home design, and we love it! Don’t worry, the pastel trend won’t leave your bathroom looking like Easter Sunday. When done correctly, it will make your bathroom look elegant and feminine.

One of the easiest ways to add pastels is by using them for paint colors or in your wall tiles. Another fun way to incorporate pastels is by getting a pastel-colored bathtub to be the center of attention in your bathroom. This will draw the eye in and instantly give your bathroom design some personality.

Geometric Patterns

We really like the geometric pattern trend that is taking over bathrooms. No matter what your style, you can find a way to incorporate this into your bathroom design. You can use geometric tiles on the floors or in the shower to draw the eye in. The tiles don’t have to be bright or bold colored either; you can have muted tones that blend in while adding some texture.

Another option is adding geometric patterned wallpaper on the wall behind your standalone tub to create an accent wall. In this case, the accent wall should be more brightly colored than the other materials in your bathroom so that it makes a statement. 

Unlikely Pairings

Mix-matched materials are very on trend at the moment. This trend is most popular in the kitchen, but it can be done in the bathroom as well.

For this trend, you’ll take materials you wouldn’t normally pair together to create a space full of character and texture.

For example, you could have a stacked stone shower wall paired with geometric porcelain tiled floors. Or you could do natural wood countertops on the vanity paired with a metal bathtub. You can get as creative as you like with this trend. You’d be surprised by what you can come up with!

Copper tub on wood floor next to a stone wall in this bathroom design

Wood Flooring

Wood floors have always been used in other parts of the home, but now they’re finally making their way into the bathroom. The wood flooring works especially well when paired with the pastel trend to create a beautiful space that looks like something out of an antique store.

Of course, you’ll need to be careful with what type of wood you use in your bathroom design since some types don’t do well in moist or humid conditions. The best types of wood to use in the bathroom are oak, maple, cherry, walnut, and hickory since they are more durable and can hold up to moisture a bit better than softwoods like pine. 

What trends would you like to include in your bathroom renovation? We’re all ears! Let’s set up a time to chat so we can design and install the bathrooms of your dreams!

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