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Unique kitchen island designs

Do you feel like your current kitchen space is a little bit underwhelming? Maybe what you need is a unique and possibly over-the-top kitchen island to liven up the room. Kitchen islands can be more than just a rectangular centerpiece in your kitchen. New trends are allowing homeowners to get very creative with their island. […]

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Warming feet by a fireplace

The Definitive Guide to Fireplaces

It’s that time of year again! Santa is getting the sleigh ready and his reindeer in line to bring Christmas joy to those of us who have been good this year. Why not make a good impression and get Santa a new hot and stylish place to enter your home. Let’s take a look at […]

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Open or Closed? What’s the Best Floorplan for You?

For the last decade, open floor plans have been all the rage — you couldn’t watch HGTV without hearing it 1,000 times! We watched as contractors knocked down walls to create a beautiful, bright living space that looked so much more spacious than it did before. The open concept seemed to make so much more […]

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Create a Therapeutic Space in Your Home

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just worked a marathon of a workweek, sometimes you need a place to unwind. If you require more than just a quiet space and a good movie to get your body and mind right, these are a few things you should include in your home to create the […]

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Do You Really Need to Keep Your Bathtub?

When planning bathroom remodels, one of the questions we get asked is if the tub is necessary. Taking baths used to be the preferred way to clean oneself. Now they are seen as a luxury item that is rarely used but still an expected fixture in a bathroom. If you’re trying to decide on including […]

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Kitchen with lots of natural wood

The Benefits of Natural Wood Finishes (Besides Great Looks)

From wood beams in the ceiling to wooden countertops, having the natural element in the home has been popular for years. But did you know that having wood finishes is actually good for your health?  Researchers have discovered that having wood inside the home or workplace has multiple health benefits. So, if you’re thinking about […]

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