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Easy Home Updates for Spring

Spring is more than a time for cleaning – it’s time for a refresh. If you aren’t up for a large home renovation, that’s okay! More minor home updates can also give you the refresh you’re craving. Here are a few ways you can refresh your home this season.

Home Update #1 – Add Color

One of the best things about spring is the beautiful colors that pop up in the garden. Bright pink, orange, and yellow flowers are in bloom. Why not add some of that color into your home?

If you have an all-white kitchen, it’s time to add some color. You could start with a new backsplash. A multi-colored mosaic tile backsplash will add a nice element of color and style to your white cabinets and countertops. Other options are a bold geometric patterned backsplash or brightly colored glass tiles arranged in a vertical pattern.

If you want to make a big change in your kitchen, you could switch out the cabinets for something with more color. Colorful cabinets will change the style of your kitchen and will make it look like a completely different space. Dark shades of blue and green are becoming trendy choices for cabinets and would be a great addition to your kitchen.

Colorful backsplash tile in kitchen makes for an easy spring home update

Home Update #2 – Add Unique Touches

Are you working with limited time or money? No problem! There are plenty of finishing touches that can give your home the refresh you’re after.

If you want to dress up a space, switch out the light fixture. Two places that could probably benefit from a new light fixture are your entryway and the kitchen. Pendant lights in the kitchen can tie the space together and give it a sophisticated look. Adding a chandelier to the entryway can be a fun way to set the tone for the rest of the house. 

If you want to refresh your bedroom or living room, adding crown molding or updating the baseboards can make a huge difference. Large baseboards can make a room look cleaner and larger. The same is true for crown molding. They will also help the room look complete and classy.

Large driftwood sphere makes an interesting chandelier for this entryway

Home Update #3 – Add Style To Your Ceiling

A design trend you may want to consider is dressing up your ceilings. Ceilings don’t have to be white – you can paint them in a contrasting color or even the same color as the rest of the room. You could also install some wallpaper to make a bold statement. Adding the surprise element of color and patterns on the ceiling will make your room look totally different!

Another option is to install wood ceiling planks. Depending on the type of planks you use, this could create a traditional-style room or an ultra-modern space. You can leave the wood as is, or paint it white if you want a more subtle look. Whatever you choose, you’ll wonder why you neglected your ceilings for so long. Ready to get refreshed? We are here to help you from start to finish with your spring refresh. Give us a call so we can discuss your project in detail.

Wood plank ceiling with large window viewing forward and up.
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