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Living room example of home remodeling trends like biophilic design that brings natural elements into home

Home Remodeling Trends We Expect in 2024

As we head into the New Year, let’s continue our predictions on what home remodeling trends we expect to see in 2024. We’ve already taken a look at some of the colors, materials, and new features we think will be popular in the bathroom and the kitchen, so today, let’s cover the rest of the […]

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Living room with stone fireplace and wood flooring

What Non-Toxic Building Materials Are Good for Remodeling?

When it comes time to remodel a space in your home, many factors must be considered. You’ll want to think about things like cost, durability, and style, but an often overlooked detail is the toxicity of the materials that are being used. Even though we have come a long way in terms of chemicals and […]

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Beverage station built into this latest kitchen remodel by T.W. Ellis

Beverage Stations: Latest Kitchen Trend

If you’ve read any articles about the top kitchen design trends for 2024, you’ve likely seen something new: the beverage station. While the idea itself is not new, the beverage station has been in many houses for years, it is quickly becoming a household standard. So, if you’re wondering what a beverage station is and […]

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Representing bathroom trends for 2024 is this luxury bathroom with Marble tile Surround and mosaic accent wall

3 Bathroom Design Trends for 2024

With more people deciding to stay in their current homes and renovate the spaces they have, we expect 2024 to be a big year for home renovations. In recent years, bathrooms and kitchens have been the most popular spaces to renovate, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Bathrooms are a popular space […]

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Modern kitchen in various shades of green

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

Kitchens have always been the heart of the home, but recent trends have left them feeling a little bare. Minimalistic style kitchens with white cabinets and light granite countertops have been popular for years, but the trends are shifting. We are excited to see that kitchens are getting some personality in the new year, here […]

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Close up of hand touching soft carpet, a design trend seldom seen any longer

4 Home Design Trends Rarely Seen Anymore

Home design trends move quickly, but recently, some items that were once considered staples are disappearing. Fixtures and materials that were once touted as “timeless” have been replaced with more modern, durable, and interesting items. Let’s take a look at four things that have disappeared from homes. Carpeting Throughout The House Carpet used to be […]

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